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Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Nehru Nagar

Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  Alcohol Addiction Treatment
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Alcohol addiction can be a formidable challenge, affecting both physical health and personal relationships. Dr. Kalrav Mistry, a renowned healthcare provider in Ahmedabad, specializes in providing top-notch alcohol addiction treatment services. His compassionate and evidence-based approach has helped numerous individuals regain control of their lives, making him a trusted name in the field of addiction medicine.

Dr. Kalrav Mistry adopts a holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment, recognizing that addiction encompasses physical, psychological, and social aspects. His treatment programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful recovery.

Best Doctor For Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Nehru Nagar

Dr Kalrav Mistry

Dr. Kalrav Mistry

Psychiatrist And Sexologist Specialist

Dr. Kalrav Mistry is a highly skilled renowned Psychiatrist, working as a consultant psychiatrist at SHALBY multi-specialty hospitals, Ahmedabad. Vast experience and has worked in the field of psychiatry for More then 10 Years.

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