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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment in Ahmedabad

Alcohol addiction can be a formidable challenge, affecting both physical health and personal relationships. Dr. Kalrav Mistry, a renowned healthcare provider in Ahmedabad, specializes in providing top-notch alcohol addiction treatment services. His compassionate and evidence-based approach has helped numerous individuals regain control of their lives, making him a trusted name in the field of addiction medicine.

The Approach to Alcohol Addiction Treatment:

Dr. Kalrav Mistry adopts a holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment, recognizing that addiction encompasses physical, psychological, and social aspects. His treatment programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful recovery.

What are the common Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

As previously mentioned, Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a medical condition in which an individual's consumption of alcohol leads to distress or harm. The severity of this condition can vary, ranging from mild to severe.
If you are experiencing any of the following signs, you may be dealing with alcoholism:

  1. Devoting a significant amount of your time to drinking alcoholic beverages.
  2. Finding it challenging to limit or control the amount of alcohol you consume.
  3. Withdrawing from close friends and social circles.
  4. Experiencing cravings for alcohol during working hours.
  5. Overspending on alcohol.
  6. Prioritizing alcohol over important responsibilities.
  7. Suffering from increased depression, lethargy, and other emotional issues.

Causes of Alcohol Addiction

  • Genetic Predisposition: Family history can increase susceptibility.
  • Psychological Factors: Stress, trauma, and mental health issues often contribute.
  • Peer Pressure: Influence from social circles plays a significant role.
  • Easy Accessibility: Widespread availability facilitates experimentation.
  • Coping Mechanism: Some turn to alcohol to cope with life's challenges.

Effects of Alcohol Addiction

  • Health Decline: Physical and mental health deteriorate over time.
  • Social Isolation: Relationships suffer, leading to isolation.
  • Occupational Issues: Decreased productivity and job instability.
  • Financial Strain: High alcohol expenses result in financial woes.
  • Legal Problems: DUIs and legal issues become common.

How We Treat :


Thorough Assessment and Diagnosis

Dr. Mistry starts the journey to recovery by conducting a comprehensive assessment to understand the patient's addiction history, physical health, mental well-being, and social circumstances. This assessment forms the basis of a personalized treatment plan.


Medically Supervised Detoxification

Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous, which is why Dr. Mistry provides medically supervised detox programs. These programs ensure that patients safely withdraw from alcohol while managing potentially severe withdrawal symptoms.


Individual Counseling

Addressing the psychological aspects of alcohol addiction is crucial. Dr. Mistry offers one-on-one counseling to help patients explore the root causes of their addiction, develop coping strategies, and build resilience for a life without alcohol.


Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Dr. Mistry carefully evaluates each patient's needs before recommending MAT, which may include medications to reduce cravings and prevent relapse, enhancing the chances of a successful recovery.


Family Counseling

Alcohol addiction affects not only the individual but also their loved ones. Dr. Mistry offers family counseling to help families understand addiction, rebuild relationships, and provide support to their loved ones in recovery.


Aftercare and Support

Dr. Mistry understands that recovery is an ongoing process. He provides aftercare programs and ongoing support to ensure that patients have the tools and resources they need to maintain sobriety over the long term.

Best Doctor For Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Ahmedabad

Dr Kalrav Mistry
10 * Years Of Experience

Dr. Kalrav Mistry

Psychiatrist And Sexologist Specialist

Dr. Kalrav Mistry is a highly skilled renowned Psychiatrist, working as a consultant psychiatrist at SHALBY multi-specialty hospitals, Ahmedabad. Vast experience and has worked in the field of psychiatry for More then 10 Years.

Dr. Kalrav mistry is an extremely personable, professional and approachable clinician with a sensitive manner, who can give highly expert advice on the full range of all types of psychiatric disorders related to child and adolescent psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, drug and substance addiction as well as sexually related disorders.

  • MBBS from Smt. NHL Municipal Medical Collage in 2004
  • MD in Psychology from Smt. NHL Municipal Medical Collage in 2011-2014
  • Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry from AIIMS Delhi in 2017
  • Fellowship in Certified Sexologist from Asia-Oceania Federation of Sexology Chennai in 2018
  • Specialized Training in rTMS (repeated trans magnetic stimulation) from AIIMS Delhi in 2018
Some FAQ about Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment typically involves a combination of therapies and interventions. The main approaches include detoxification, behavioral counseling, medication, and ongoing support. Detox helps manage withdrawal symptoms, while counseling addresses the psychological aspects. Medications like naltrexone and acamprosate may be prescribed to reduce cravings. Support groups and aftercare programs play a crucial role in maintaining sobriety.

The duration of treatment varies depending on individual needs. It can range from several weeks to several months or longer. Initially, detoxification may take a few days, followed by intensive counseling and therapy. After this, individuals may continue with ongoing support and therapy sessions for an extended period to prevent relapse and maintain sobriety.

Family and social support are integral to the recovery process. They can provide emotional encouragement, help create a stable environment, and assist in relapse prevention. Involving loved ones in therapy and counseling sessions can foster understanding and strengthen the support system. Family and social support greatly enhance the chances of successful treatment outcomes.